VocalMindz Website Design


VocalMindz is a dynamic initiative dedicated to harnessing the power of music to foster unity and resilience within Windrush communities in Harrow and beyond.

As the creative force behind their website, I crafted a bespoke music-themed design in a warm brown color palette, reflecting the rich cultural heritage and musical traditions of the Windrush generation. 

This immersive and visually captivating platform not only celebrates the transformative impact of music but also showcases how it has brought people together to overcome daily challenges. 

Through careful research and design, I captured the essence of VocalMindz’s mission, creating a space that resonates with their audience and embodies the journey from the soulful rhythms of Lovers’ Rock to the vibrant energy of Grime & Drill. 

The positive feedback and satisfaction of VocalMindz further validate the effectiveness of this design in amplifying their message of unity and cultural empowerment.

  • Date: 25 January 2020
  • Categories: Website Design
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